A Theory

Provided and Written by ANONYMOUS

Below is my working theory as to why and what will be done and the sequence of events pertaining to their strategy. Either I have lost my mind in thinking this is what's coming and I have the workings for one of the best fiction novels ever, or we truly are headed for the worst experience of our lives. (Mind you, I am not even close to alone in these thoughts. Many are speaking about it all over and in many different ways.)

First of all, the pandemic isn't a threat and is being utilized as a weapon, designed to intentionally collapse everything and everyone world wide, while the elite and ruling class steal every bit of wealth that they can and give it to all their friends. This does four major things.
1) Makes the enemy stronger.
2) Makes the people [everyone else] weaker, less capable of self-sufficiency and survival.
3) Makes people dependent on the system.
4) Creates and fuels division among people.

If you must have their rations, they can set the terms for receiving them.

The protests and riots in the cities was minimally allowed to happen. I suspect encouraged and supported. The result and effect of this is that many of the residents will move to the rural areas to escape the chaos and/or having to mitigate expenses because the economy is completely in the toilet and soon to be flushed. The people moving will bring many of their ideologies with them, utilizing the abuse of power that government code enforcement offers to create division, disputes and frankly, chaos for property owners.

This will ensure that people that would otherwise resist the sociopaths and psychopaths in power and remain busy dealing with litigation and asshole neighbors. The problem though is, that while the meat puppets in suits and enforcers in uniforms will be the immediate enemy, they are not the source. They are puppets too, being used by a secret cabal behind the scenes that are actually orchestrating this collapse and war. So, even when the people that will resist this tyranny can begin to fight against the immediate threat, they will have already been weakened by the "attack of stupid people" and sycophants. The enforcers would be; politicians, media, code enforcement, police/sheriffs, national guard, possibly military, possibly UN troops, possibly contracted paramilitary agencies which may or may not include foreign support and the willfully ignorant collaborators, also known as your neighbors and/or those you once thought of as friends (these are by far the most dangerous).

People don't want conflict and will do everything they can to avoid it. They will cooperate with code and law enforcement because they fear the consequences and loss of their property for not doing so and know that it can financially and physically break them. When this happens, the final moves will be made by the elites and ruling class to full push into complete collapse.

I don't yet have too many ideas on how this will be done but I suspect that it could be a REAL release of a bio-weapon to reinforce their bullshit covid19 story. This would do two very large things.
1) It would convince many people that the virus was a genuine threat and they would believe their masters. It would strengthen their Stockholm Syndrome.
2) It would kill a lot of people, which they don't care about and it would present less resistance against them.
They will likely be long gone and/or immune anyhow.

That's worst case scenario... another idea and less evil, would be that they set up a new system of currency that is digital and completely tracked and controlled. The repercussions of such a thing are very large and very bad but no need to get into all that now.

The main point being that everything being done is about control.

The purpose for all of this is to destroy every established system we have. To tear it down by any means necessary, so that they can implement their totalitarian and authoritarian control grid. This is why I also believe that once this whole shit show goes hot, the meat puppets in suits and uniforms will be offered an ultimatum. Join with, support and defend the "new normal" they have been threatening everyone with, or be "removed". Why? Because they're no longer useful in the old system and opposition of any kind will be considered a threat and treated accordingly. Until the vast majority of opposition is either removed or complicit, they will not be able to fully implement the plan.